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Indigenous Peoples Speciality Group of the Association of American Geographers

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Indigenous People's Working Group of the Canadian Association of Geographers

Research Ethics
A Source Guide to Conducting Research with Indigenous Peoples


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IPSG-sponsored sessions at 2004 AAG Annual Meeting

Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas I
Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas II
Indigenous Peoples: New Developments
Indigenous Peoples: Place and Methodology
Indigenous Geography I: GIS and Indigenous People
Indigenous Identity Politics and Technoscience I: Paper Panel
Indigenous Identity Politics and Technoscience II: Discussion Panel
Participatory research, indigenous communities and community-based natural resource management.
Indigenous Peoples: Landscapes and Identity Politics
Geographers, Anthropologists, and Tribes: Varying Perspectives on Tohono O'odham Border Research
Doing Indigenous Geography: Approaches to Indigenous Methods and Research
Historical GIS: American Indian Issues
IPSG, LASG, & CSG Co-Sponsored Plenary: Jose Barreiro

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