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Annual Meeting
Association of American Geographers,
March 29-April 2, 2016 in Chicago

with special speaker, Corrina Gould, titled:

A Place to Belong: Creating an Urban, Indian, Women-Led
Land Trust in San Fran Bay Area.

Sesson will be held on Thursday, March 31, at 10-11:40am
Union Square 15 at the Hilton Hotel
4th Floor

Sessions Description:

The San Francisco Bay Area has one of the highest urban Indian populations in the nation-nearly 50,000 American Indian/Alaska Native residents according to the 2010 Census-due to both the survival of California Indian people, and the large number of Native Americans who signed up for the Bureau of Indian Affairs Indian Relocation Program (1952-1973). Despite the high Native popluation, due to historical policies of removal and a hostile federal recognition process, there are no federally recognized tribes in the Bay Area. Federally unrecognized tribes in the Bay Area have limited legal options to protect cultural sites. Threatened sites include shellmounds, ancient pyramid-like structures of shells that served as both burials and monumets, and continue to be spiritual places and points of reference for coastal Native communities. In the face of shellmound destruction, Corrina Gould (Chochenyo) and Johnella LaRose (Shoshone) began shellmound walks between each of the 425 shellmounds in the Bay Area to witness the desecration of the mounds and offer prayers. With five shellmound walks to date, and numerous actions around the Bay Area to prevent desecration of traditional places, their work focuses on site protection and fostering community connection to land. Currently, they are working to develop an urban, Native women-led land trust to allow Indigenous peoples in the Bay Area to access and protect sacred places. This new kind of land trust brings struggles for justice, recognition, and sustainability into conversation with reinvigorating traditions of female leadership.

Thursday March 31
Union Square 16 at the Hilton Hotel
4th floor.

A full list of IPSG-sponsored sessions for the 2016 AAG can be found by searching "Indigenous Peoples" in the AAG 2016 conference app or online schedule.


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