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Welcome to the website of the IPWG

Welcome to the website of the Indigenous Peoples Working Group (IPWG). Please take a few minutes to scroll through our links to find out who we are and what we’re about.

What is the IPWG?

The IPWG is a study group of the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG). Previously known as the “Native Canadians Study Group”, we decided at the CAG meetings in 2009 that it was time for a name change. The change to “Indigenous Peoples” reflects our interest in geographic research involving indigenous peoples within as well as beyond Canada. In addition, the term "working group" more aptly captures the collaborative relationships that increasingly define research in this field.

What is the purpose of the IPWG?

Based on the annual CAG Directory, more than 70 faculty members in Geography departments across Canada have self-identified their research interests to include topics that directly or indirectly involve indigenous peoples issues (by holland). The number of graduate students involved in this type of research is no doubt comparable. Unfortunately large distances, limited resources and busy lives often constrain our engagement as a research community.

Membership of the IPWG is intended to provide an opportunity for geographers to connect with other geographers engaged in research involving indigenous peoples and/or related to indigenous peoples’ interests. The IPWG seeks to achieve this through the following:
• Sponsoring and co-organizing sessions focused on topics relating to indigenous peoples at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Geographers;
• Involvement with the annual Robin P. Armstrong Memorial Prize which recognizes the best Master's or Ph.D. thesis on an aboriginal topic.
• Maintaining an IPWG web site that facilitates networking among geographers and provides information about funding, conferences, etc

If you would like more information about the IPWG and its activities, please contact the IPWG Chair:
Dr. Monica E. Mulrennan
Department of Geography, Planning and Environment
Concordia University
1255 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8
Email: monica.mulrennan@concordia.ca
Tel: 1 514 848-2424 (ext 2055)
Fax: 1 514 844-2032


A huge thanks from the IPWG to:

  • Véronique Bussières, a doctoral student based in the Dept. of Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University, the current coordinator for this site.
  • Andra Syvänen, a graduate student in the Dept. of Geography, Planning & Environment, Concordia University, for her valuable assistance with much of the content of this site;
  • Geneviève Layton-Cartier, also a graduate student in the Dept. of Geography, Planning & Environment, Concordia University, for identifying Canadian faculty members engaged in research related to indigenous peoples;
  • Marco Burelli, Network Manager for the Dept. of Geography, Planning & Environment, Concordia University, for technical assistance with this site; and
  • Jay Johnson and Josh Meisel, respectively Assistant Professor and Graduate Research Assistant, University of Kansas, coordinator and webmaster for Indigenous Geography.net.


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